Pilot ClubHealth With Your Company!

ClubHealth is currently offering a 3-month pilot program for your company.

What is ClubHealth?

Healthy workforces work better. ClubHealth is a one-stop health and wellness marketplace built for remote and hybrid employees. We address the challenges your employees face related to fitness, sleep, mental health, interpersonal relationships, and more. With our flexible, engagement-based payment system, your overall health perks cost is reduced and optimized.

Step 1

Set a budget for your employee health and wellness stipend. We recommend between $50-$200/month per employee.

Step 2

Employees spend their stipend on our hyper-personalized health and wellness marketplace consisting of digital mental health tools, nutrition apps, fitness programs, and more. Employees feel empowered to choose products and services that fit their lifestyle.

Step 3

We work together to determine the effectiveness of your personalized ClubHealth pilot through key metrics like employee engagement and satisfaction.

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